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Who we are

El – Befhel- ministry not by interest (or) own way we want to share our things how God called us to do this work. When we were at a nominal Christians. We both wife and husband were saved we accepted Jesus Christians as our personal savior in the month of August 1995. We became children of God we took baptism after some years when we were convinced by and word of God. From that day we flat happy God is in us. But some was there in our spirit whatwas if we didn’t understand
One fine morning we in the year a revival meeting at an angle. 2007 Rev Tat Bently holy spirit we gave got marriage about faith to received holy spirit. That evening he said his hand on heads and the prayed that day only we received the holy spirit.After coming back from a meeting we observed same thing new in our heart at the weekend on Sunday. We went to route church but we are unable to sit there.
We come back literally we became and craning to worship the Lord in truth and spirit on Monday next we went our jobs but there was a cloud followed. From that day it self-people asked me to pray for the side, devil passed where I go to prayer. I used to share the grasped of Jesus Christ. Hundreds of people from other religious accepted Jesus Christ as either personal savior.
TO glorify the name of Jesus Christ holy spirit god healing deliverance of devils free from bandages.Many people came to the house for prayers and to hear the word of god about Jesus Christ.After all those things people accepted Jesus Christ as their savior from Hindu background many people from to gate caste Rajaka (Dobi) caste, Kapu, Reddy caste Yadhava, Mangali, Vadde, Padmasali, Devggala, community, etc.They took baptism in the water they were all obtained by a holy spirit like this way body of Christ from ed. We don’t have any own church so, we send them to other churches in different places in the morning but in the evening they all come to our house to workship.

We start evening workshop we called it as a worship center. But the asked us why cant you start morning workship we didn’t answer them immediately.One day god game a vision of Jacob ladder the ladder was from the sky to certain August are coming down and going up …. Terrified. Holy spirit operated the gift of prophecy to speak. Gods word this is the place El bethel house of god my prayer male recorded in the notes I didn’t know that day while regarding bible daily versions zenises 28.

I found some verses in the bible book of zerises 28-16.We start evening worship we called it as a worship centre.But the added us why can't you start morning worship we didn’t answer them immediately.One day god give a vision of Jacob ladder the ladder was from sky to earth angel is coming down and going up terrified.Holy spirit operated the gift of prophecy to speak Gods words this is the place El-bethel house of god my prayer made recorded in the notes I didn’t know that day while reading bible daily version penises 28.

I found save verses in the bible in my heart I falt to called her in phone indeed about a prayer she said about prophecy we started a morning service Feb 17, 2008, growing. Church and led by the holy spirit and like Carly church a poetic and prophetically is being Struthers by the faith.

Acts 2:→ 42.
Praiseworthy fellowship breaking bread apostolic teaching praying in tounges listening to the voice of God, main certifier of signs and wonders headlines. Deliver these all being experienced by the cangri Gatien.